adventures in parenting-part 2

the 1st part was on lj…a cross post will take place eventually.

i hadn’t visited a salon in over 3 months and my face was looking like a jungle to me.

anyhoo, today being Red’s day off we bundled the kiddo up in a packaging reminiscent of UPS and landed up in the salon.

i got my cleanups done, Red rocked the baby (who was strangely silent) and then we went off for pastries.

the bumps in the road only rocking the infant to a deeper slumber *smiles*

finally the potholes and undulations have come to some use for someone.

I’ve realized that as long as he’s fed, we’re prepared with backups for clothes, diapers and food we can pretty much let ourselves out of house arrest.

let’s see… the next biggie coming up is Diwali…he’ll either be howling along with the crackers or sleep through it all.

the babycare books never mention the milestones that the parents achieve but i think our rate of development is totally on the charts and the growth curve’s doing just fine!